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Fuel Replenishment to

The brains of the system. Orders are generated in one simple click based on current stock, future demand and sales trends. Ensuring that all sites always have fuel

Master Plan &

See all your orders in one complete and comprehensive Master Plan, instantly seeing tomorrow's scheduled deliveries and always keeping you up to date

Site Management & Fuel Replenishment

AquaFuel provides access to manage all sites and our Fuel Replenishment module provides you with all the data required to ensure no site runs out of fuel

Live Order Tracking

See what's happening right now with all your orders, live tracking and instant status updates of all fuel deliveries

Driver & Fleet Management

AquaFuel takes the strain out of Driver and Fleet Management and allows you to spend more time on more important issues

Stock Level API

The AquaFuel system can link with API's to provide you with an up to date overview of all stock levels at sites and terminals

Driver Side
Smartphone App

The app allows the driver to see their assigned loads and provides them with the ability to update their completed deliveries in real time

Secure User Role
Based Logins

The AquaFuel system can be setup to provide role based permissions to different users if required

Automated Invoicing &
Daily Reports

With the automated invoicing and daily reports modules AquaFuel can help you to easily manage your companies finances

Email & SMS Site Communications

The intuitive AquaFuel system can automatically communicate by SMS and/or email and easily keeps everyone, who should be informed, in the loop

Comprehensive Vehicle Checklist

The AquaFuel system has the RSA Driver Checklist built in. This gives you a record of any vehicle defects and makes fleet management much easier


AquaFuel can easily manage fuel allocations from your terminals and suppliers to trck quantities on a daily basis to make sure that all targets are met on time and within budget

Order File Upload via XML/CSV

Orders can be manually uploaded to the system using XML or CSV files